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Monteuil SPARTA
City/Town:Laval, QC
Coach:Sabatino Andreoni

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Team Bio

It is an honour and privilege to once again submit our team as a candidate for the “BMO TEAM OF THE WEEK” contest. So, let me reintroduce the fabulous Monteuil SPARTA soccer team. This year, our girls are 9 and 10 year olds (U10F - born in 2003), but if you talk to them, you’ll be surprised by their maturity and seriousness when it comes to their sport and their team.

TEAM PRIDE: Our players are always proud to show Spartan colors wherever they go. They wear their colours in any activity they can, even outside soccer. They also wear it on anything they can … from tshirts, school books and even custom “skins” for their electronic devices! As a team, carrying the Spartan Helmet before games makes them always very proud. They love to be instantly recognized as the mighty “SPARTA”.

TEAM SPIRIT: Without it, no team can strive or survive. Team spirit is not only very important for those who are in the team, but also those who might be leaving the team. In fact, in competition soccer, one of the toughest situations is the “selection” process designed to create Division 1 and Division 2 teams. A few weeks ago, following our “selection”, we had a few “cuts” made in our team. As the names of those who were cut got around, Alexiane, one of the selected players for Division 1, heard of a teammate who did not make the team. Immediately, Alexiane asked her parents if they could drive her to her friend’s house so that she could be with her. That is team spirit. Alexiane… I know your parents are VERY PROUD OF YOU… and so are your coaches and the rest of your team!

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT: SPARTA is involved with a local charity to help children get a good breakfast in the morning. In fact, we don’t have to search thousands of miles away to find kids who need our help. There are kids who need our help in the same schools as those of our players. To help us accomplish our goal, SPARTA is very proud and, feels very privileged to support “The Breakfast Club of Québec” (Le Club des Petits Déjeuners du Québec). Last year, SPARTA players and families helped raise $2,543.00 for “Le Club”. For more info about this great charity, please visit www.clubdejeuners.org
Last August, Sparta also contributed to helping promote closer relations with our city’s Police force by organizing a friendly game between our soccer teams.

PASSION FOR THE GAME: SPARTA PLAYERS LOVE SOCCER! They also love to share their passion with their friends and families. Sparta knows that respecting the game means respecting everyone participating in it. Regardless of the outcome of a game , our players will always be the first ones to shake hands with other players, coaches and officials on the field. In fact, Sparta players have been promoting their “Two Teams, One game, One Passion” campaign for almost a year now. The campaign is aimed at promoting friendships between players of different teams while wearing different colors.

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