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Hollandia Gremio
City/Town:Saskatoon, SK
League:SYSI Premier U12 (Saskatoon, SK)
Coach:Alvi Campos

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Team Bio

The majority of this group began training together in November of 2011. Many of these boys were very new to understanding the fundamentals of the game that they were placed in a training environment that would help them develop the proper tools and confidence needed to be successful while having fun playing the game of soccer. The boys dedicated themselves to training 3 times a week in hopes that they would better their fundamentals skills and ultimately improve as soccer players and athletes.

After a difficult 2012 outdoor season where the boys lost every single game, the boys focused even harder on making sure that they improved. The boys began training 4 times a week and began to show constant improvement. During the 2012-13 indoor season the boys managed to propel themselves to the top of the league as they were named the city champions. The boys were very proud of their achievement as their hard work, dedication, and desire to compete was finally rewarded.

This group of boys is a model group for any youth soccer program around the nation. This group of boys works hard and never gives up while still having a lot of fun. Every single boy attends training regularly and their goal is to not only improve as an individual but to also help the group progress as much as possible. These boys continually show respect for their peers, leadership, and a positive attitude when they train or play games.

The boys are more than willing to contribute to the community as they lend a hand whenever they are asked. They boys have volunteered for numerous community events, most notably they held a fundraising BBQ for cancer awareness. Although it was a wet and cold day when the event was hosted, the boys fought the elements and their enthusiasm helped raise $1,750 that were donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. Along with their volunteer work, these boys are expected to be role models and leaders for their peers on and off the soccer field. These boys are expected to show respect and be gentleman, and everyday they continue to blossom into young men that will one day make a positive impact in their respective communities and cities.

This is a very special group of boys that have bonded together and have worked hard through good and bad times. These boys take pride in their skills, as they have developed them through hard work and a willingness to learn. These boys pride themselves on being good sportsmen as they know they have to grow to be good leaders and to set positive examples to other players within the soccer community.

Please take a moment to view the videos that highlight the improvement that the boys have shown over the past year. These boys deserve to be recognized for their improved skills, but also for their attitudes and positive behavior off and on the soccer field.

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