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Scottish United
City/Town:Edmonton, AB
Coach:Ray Deane

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Hello BMO,
First of all, thank you for this opportunity to enter this amazing contest!

The U12 Girls Scottish team had a very rough start to the 2012-13 season.Our team manager Gina Mancini passed away from a heart attack at 42, the day after tryouts. "Mama Gina" was a loving and caring loud Italian mom to the girls. She was the first to "speak" to the ref when a bad call was made where one of her girls were harmed on the field. OR when one of her girls were injured she was the first to care and ice their injuries. Losing Mama Gina was a huge loss to us all :(
SO now, when many girls are excited to begin their new soccer season, ours were attending a funeral of their teammates mother. Her death was a huge emotional weight on so many parents and especially the players shoulders.

Because our team consisted of girls that have played soccer for many seasons, they were a strong group who helped Fabiana make it through the loss of her mother. With the support from teammates and the coaches Fabiana had a strength in her that shone brighter than ever before.

As parents we would watch the game and see these girls fight harder to win, but they never played with anger or dirty, these girls played with a sense of "family".

The girls worked very hard through out the season with any injuries both to their pride and bodies. They accomplished more than any other team at their age level.

As the wife and manger of the team, I created a trophy and nomination program as a legacy for Gina Mancini....called the "Mama Gina - Trophy of Hearts"
With the help of BMO, our Scottish United Girls soccer team can continue this legacy.
This outdoor season, each player on EVERY Scottish United team will have the opportunity to Nominate someone "outside" their team for doing something wonderful, something from the "heart". This could be a teacher, aunt, cousin, friend, someone who the player feels deserves to win.
There will be 14-16 each winners of this trophy- each season.
The trophies will feature a soccer ball, the Scottish United Logo, Alberta Soccer Logo & the sponsors logo engraved.
The player who entered the winning nominee will also win an apparel prize pack featuring the Mama Gina
The idea behind this trophy was to show 2 young kids how important their mom was to us and that she will not be forgotten. As I type this with tears, I can only image how each year, both Fabiana and Daniel will feel as they help to chose the winners of an amazing award that will hopefully continue to grow through out the soccer families.
Your BMO prize may be exactly what we're looking for to continue the legacy of Fabiana's Mother and with the prize pack of apparel we can embroider the "Mama Gina" logo on the sleeves. The prize money for the renovation of a soccer turf can be used for the rental of facilities through the season & our team could use prize money to represent Canada in a US tournament

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Thank you.

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