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Blizzard Bayern
City/Town:Calgary, AB
League:CMSA GU10A
Coach:Jens Lipper

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Team Bio

Blizzard Bayern is a girls U10 Tier A that was formed in September. In a short period of time, we have formed a formidable squad which has won silver at the Victoria Club tournament in Edmonton and silver at the indoor City Finals in Calgary, losing only to SWU Gunners 03in a shoot out. Our girls have played and defeated U12 Tier 2 and 3 teams in the same season.

Team Pride - The girls are very committed to their team and display team pride whenever they play, exemplified by five team cheers, several team posters (one is seen in the pictures) and team songs. At the beginning of the season, we lost to SWU Gunners 03 8-1, yet all the parents in the stands could hear the girls sing: 'Ole, Blizzard Bayern, ole, ole, ole' or 'Blizzard 'til I die'. The girls formed such a strong social bond that sleep-overs, play dates and other social events are very common for our team. The girls have created Instagram Bayern accounts and several text each other daily. Finally, some of the girls purchased a bear as team mascot which carries all the medals that we will win.
Team Spirit - practices and team techs have increased the ability of each and every one of the girls. They are all capable to execute scissors, step overs, Cruyff turns and other important moves. When on the ball, our team exemplifies the drive needed to become champions and these young girls show the desire to become better and better. No matter how many practices or fitness events we throw at the team, we have yet to experience attendance to drop under 90% which is absolutely outstanding. We have also started a mentorship program with the U12 Blizzard Celtic and they have handed their old and small third jersey to our girls. Bayern wears these jerseys with pride and honours their 'bigger' sisters when they cheer them on at games and tournaments.
The Bayern girls display such a high level of confidence and drive because they understand that their practice, team techs, SAQs will increase their technical ability and because our mentorship program with Blizzard Celtic has created such a positive 'little sister'/'big sister' peer pressure.
Community Commitment - Blizzard Bayern is committed to its community. It hosts quarterly bottle drives in our neighborhood and has assisted in the past in teaching the younger children below them in our program.
Passion for the Game - Bayern is highly dedicated to soccer. Through two weekly practices, SAQ fitness sessions, team techs, game play and two tournaments each season, the girls have developed from 'also-runs' to one of the top teams in GU10 in Calgary and Alberta.

Blizzard Bayern exemplifies everything a BMO team of the week/month should represent: dedication, success, growth, confidence, skill and most of all, fun.

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