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Harbour City FC - Team France
City/Town:Nanaimo, BC
League:Harbour City FC
Coach:Jazz Sohal

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Team Bio

Harbour City FC - U8 Boys Team France had an extraordinary season filled with fun and excitement. As these young superstars grew in skill and ability throughout the season, so did their passion for the beautiful game of soccer. The boys’ undeniable drive and commitment had them constantly moving and learning the aspects of the game through simple touches to the ball and high fives.
The boys were as committed to team spirit as they were to learning the game. The confidence level for players of all aptitudes soared, because the boys encouraged one another, congratulated one another for great plays, and patted one another on the back if a play went sideways. The players brought enthusiasm and dedication to every practice and game, rain or shine—they always had a positive attitude and were excited to be on the pitch.
The boys played 4v4 double-sided games in which they loved playing together, and demonstrated passion and pride in the game by never hesitating when they had to lace up and play for the other team. They showed respect and diplomacy in speaking with the coaches from other teams, and weren’t afraid to “check on” injured players, even if that player was from the other team.
During the season the boys also took on a challenge off the field to help Harbour City FC raise funds for the Kids Help Phone. They went door to door in their neighborhoods, called on family and friends for support, and raised funds for the charity and won the u6-u10 division for most money raised. This win added to their great season and, more importantly, helped teach the boys about giving back to a great cause.
The boys capped their season off this year by traveling as a team to the Coquitlam for their very 1st tournament. To help cover the costs of travel and accommodations, the boys teamed up with the parents and fundraised for the event by holding a successful donut sale during the Christmas season in the local mall.
The tournament presented the boys with the challenge of playing on a larger field and in a 6v6 format. The boys met the challenge with tenacity and good spirits. The boys quickly adapted to the changes and played their hearts out by challenging for every ball and working as a team right up until the last whistle. The score or games won and lost didn’t matter to these boys—they were just ecstatic they got to play the game!
At the same time the team took in a Vancouver Whitecaps game. The boys thoroughly enjoyed the BMO radar shootout outside the stadium and even got to hang out with the BMO Bear and take part in face painting in preparation to cheer on the Whitecaps. The team was ecstatic when they were chosen by the BMO representatives to go on field at the end of the game and take shots on “Spike” the Vancouver Whitecaps Mascot, an experience the boys will cherish for years to come.
Each one of the boys had fun, built confidence, and grew developmentally throughout the season. Their soccer season can only be summed up


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