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Coastal FC Thunder
City/Town:Surrey, BC
League:South District
Coach:Geoff Killam

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Team Bio

A team with a star player is a good team; a team without one is a great team. – Unknown

This quote is reflective of the Coastal U11 Thunder girls’ squad. They are all star players and yet not one would “highlight” her skill above those of her teammates. Each girl is committed to playing each game to the best of her abilities, from the first team cheer to the final handshake…regardless of the outcome. Each Coastal Thunder girl is committed to developing her skills, enhancing her knowledge of the game and learning from her coaches. Each girl works tirelessly on her skill set, by participating in soccer and relatable sports arenas, including TSS, Academy and soccer camps. The girls continue to lead by example on and off the field, being conscious of, and proudly wearing, the club colours, each girl exemplifies the true spirit of team work and sportsmanship.

Having spent many hours together on and off the field, this is a group of girls, created from different clubs, and strangers until last fall, who have developed a deep and true sense of caring for one another. They understand that team works takes respect and confidence in their teammates. This spring, new team members have been warmly, and seamlessly, welcomed into Team Thunder, and are as integral to the overall sense of team as the “veterans”. From team sleep overs to “getting lost” in the corm maze, whatever they do is filled with laughter, camaraderie and a keen sense of FUN!

As individuals, the girls are involved in numerous community building activities, but as a team they sincerely appreciate the advantages they have been afforded. Because they are aware that their story may not be as the same as others, they have decided to set up, decorate, and man a special “Surrey Food bank” fundraiser during their May tournament. This will include assisting their parents with promoting their event. In addition, as many have played on a variety of teams and have closest full of jerseys, they are banding together to promote the collection of wearable soccer gear. The gear will eventually make its way to Haiti, for the soccer mad children still living in desperate situations after the devastating earthquakes.

The passion Team thunder has for the beautiful game is so present in each game played and indeed every practice. They start and end with the same energy and enthusiasm. Even if the score is not in their favour, they do not lose focus, their drive or their need to succeed…but it is never at all costs. The girls and their coaches would rather lose a game than to play with anything less than true athleticism and honesty. They take each defeat with strength of character and a willingness to do better next time. But it is their honest humility in victory, which shows their true mettle…they understand, even at 10 and 11 years of age that how they play the game and not the score that is the true mark of their quality as individuals

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