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Cambridge United U11 Girls
City/Town:Cambridge, ON
Coach:Angela Harvey, Ric Stampatori, Gary Pereira

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Team Bio

Looking for a team that exemplifies Team Pride, Team Spirit, Community Commitment and Passion for the Game? Look no further than the Cambridge United U11 Girls team. Nothing makes me prouder than to say that I, along with my co-coaches Ric and Gary, am a part of this unbelievably spirited, inspiring, determined and passionate group of girls. Our girls wear their Cambridge United colors with pride and dignity. Whether they are in full uniform, practice uniform or just their street clothes, their loyalty to each other, their club and their sport oozes from their pours. They cheer from the bottom of their hearts and their voices fill the fields far and wide. They cheer for the sport they love, for the love of their club, and for the love and respect of their teammates.

We play with HEART, DETERMINATION and PASSION - The moment they put their cleats on and enter the dome or walk onto the pitch you can feel their excitement and focus and you know that what you will witness is a team who fights with every last ounce of resolve; a team who will work not only for themselves, but for each and every one of their teammates. This commitment to one another is unwavering and they feed off of each other’s energy and enthusiasm. The result? Something that no one predicted…..something so powerful to witness that it takes your breath away!

Commitment-Our team was picked last October and we began training in November. Our girls demonstrated a high level of discipline and made practices and games a priority understanding that their commitment to the team meant that their teammates were counting on that commitment and responsibility to the team. They have been training 3-4 times per week and have been practicing and juggling at home non stop. We are constantly hearing moans and groans when we tell them that practice is over. This is usually echoed by “when is our next practice? Do we have a game this week??”

We play with CONFIDENCE. Our team motto is “I BELIEVE” -Being 11 years old can be a tough time in a girls’ life when it comes to self-confidence. One of our main goals as coaches was to help the girls see what we saw and believe what we believed. We often do a quick but passionate cheer on the sidelines huddled together after our game talks….”I BELIEVE”….. our new motto!

Community Commitment:
I am proud of these girls for so many things, but this by far is one of the proudest. Their commitment to their community and to "giving back" is endless. Planning a food drive for the Foodbank, doing a penny drive where proceeds go to paying soccer registration fees for a chid who could otherwise not afford to play soccer and picking up garbage for Earth Day are just some of the ways this team gives back!

The spirit, determination, passion and heart exemplified by every member of this team inspires us. This team deserves to be recognized for this and so I wholeheartedly nominate them as BMO TEAM OF THE WEEK!

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